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UPDATE, JUNE 2021: We’re back. Follow us on insta for updates.

⌚ When?

Every Wednesday, rain or shine. We roll at 6PM SHARP, so it’s good to show up a little early.

📍 Where?

The laces by the oval on the common.

➡️ How far does the crew run?

6K. Every week there’s an alternate 4K distance (‘the option’).

⚡ How fast does the crew run?

Some like to rocket, some like to cruise — whatever your pace, you can usually find a buddy.

We only ask that you go hard or go home, and are able to run for at least 1-hour straight before linking up with the crew for the 6k distance (anyone unable to meet the requirement is asked to join the 4K crew for a more accessible distance and an easier pace).

🎒 Is there a safe place to stow my stuff?

Until we find a new permanent home, bag drop availability may vary. Some weeks you can stow your gear with us. We will have hand sanitizer. Check our weekly post for bag drop news.

💰 How much is it?


👥 Can anyone come?

All are welcome.

🐕 Can I bring my pup?

Dogs who own runners are welcome too, but make sure your dog has experience running in a large group.

🎽 Can I get a shirt?

We have plans to make some new tees in autumn 2021, stay tuned.

🐺 Does NER run trail?

It’s your true nature you hear howling to you from the trailhead, thirsty for sun-drenched single track under fast paws. Leaping granite, diving past forest firs. Sweet, clean summer air gets you flying. Dig those wild pretty things on the hunt. You’re running with the pack now. Our trail runs aren’t regularly scheduled like our weekly road runs. We’ll run in the woods when nature permits, but keep it locked on social to stay updated on when you can link up with the NER Timberwolves when they hit the woods.

💪 Do you do speed workouts or long runs too?

From around May to the end of December we run an interval or hill workout called #TNT (Track Night Thursdays) starting at 6PM sharp on the common, and weekends you can find us in the congregation at #church. Extracurricular NER runs aren’t always on social.

🍻 Did I hear you like beer?

It’s true. Especially our colab with North Brewing Co, Little Beast Lagered Ale, now available at the NSLC. There’s a sociable after the first run of every month.

If you don’t see your question holla at us, or check our Instagram for weekly updates and read up about us here.

Run with us Wednesdays. 6K @ 6PM. All paces. Est. 2013 You belong here #crewlove